Botox Effect Mask That Will Rejuvenate Your Face

Botox Effect Mask That Will Rejuvenate Your Face

These components aren’t magic and might’t prevent ageing, however truly they could hide its symptoms and can postpone the ageing procedure. The right thing is the outcomes will be brief. The ingredients are cheap, available and you probable have them within the kitchen.

This self made masks will assist toning your pores and skin and you’ll experience more energetic and invigorated.

Botox Effect Mask That Will Rejuvenate Your Face

You need the subsequent substances:

– 1-2 tablespoons of cornmeal
– five tablespoons of fresh carrot juice
– 1 tablespoon of bitter cream


Put one hundred-one hundred fifty ml of water in a field, add the cornmeal and go away it over medium heat. Mix the components until the paste will become thick. Take it off the heat and wait to chill. Add the carrot juice and the sour cream and mix till you get a clean paste.

Before applying the mask, wash your face very well. Apply the mask to the affected areas and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse with heat water. You can use the last mask, so don’t neglect to place the container inside the refrigerator. Apply the treatment 3-5 times per week for optimum impact

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